My Birthday Wish


The Viking. From Extraordinary Desserts. Oh my my! What? You think I’m going to bake myself a cake?

It’s almost my birthday and you know what I’d like most?  (Well, of course, besides world peace, no more prejudice or poverty and a big piece of land where Tony & me and both of our kids and their future families can build houses….kind of like a Bruser Compound.  Oh, and a cute leather jacket.  Besides all that?)  I’d like each and every one of you to make just one recipe from this blog!

So, between now and December 11, pick one thing. I don’t care what it is.  What sounds best to you?  Nacho Mac or Potato Chip Cookies or Fiesta Chicken Salad or Broccoli Slaw or  Everyday Granola or Baked Feta with Tomatoes and Olives? Oh, wait.  Those are my favorites…Lol.  Just make something.  Share with your family and friends.  And then tell me about it.  You’ve got ten days.  And then on the 11th, if you want, share a picture of what you made on the EatCookBlog Facebook page.  Or you can just comment here. That would make me very happy.  After all, the main reason I started this blog was to share my love of cooking with you so that it would inspire you to do a little cooking yourself!

It’s kind of like a gift for me and for you!


4 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish

  1. I’m going to make your granola for my son’s daycare teachers for their Christmas (err, holiday?) gifts! They are trying to watch their diet so this is going to be perfect for them – yummy AND healthy! This will be my first time making it, I am SO excited!

  2. So I’m thinking of the tortilla soup ….. sounds yummy! But – probably won’t be before your Bday. Hanukah with my family tomorrow night – I’m the Latke queen and a traditionalist – dare I make your wild salsa? I think so!! Of course we will still have sour cream and apple sauce on the table:) xoxox

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