The Perfect BLT (with very little mess)

Update – I wrote this post a month or so ago.  Today is the day before Thanksgiving.  You’ve been doing a lot of cooking  (Pumpkin Roll and Cranberry-Pecan Bread Pudding)   and/or still have a lot of cooking to do AND/OR packing and getting on the road…over the river and through the woods…er…on the I-5 to Sonoma, stopping at LAX to pick up your daughter on the busiest travel day of the year…BUT it’s all worth it because we are going to be with BOTH kids for Thanksgiving!

 Anyway, where was I?  Oh, so you’re cooking and baking and don’t even really want to think about dinner tonight.  Well, here is an easy, super easy, and tasty solution.  The Perfect BLT (with very little mess)!  Read on.  And Happy Thanksgiving! 

So ever since I posted the recipe for Grilled Avocado and said that they would be delicious on a BLT, I’ve been craving a BLT.  Problem is I really dislike cooking bacon.  It’s such a mess.  It makes such a disgusting mess of your stovetop.  I’ve tried the already cooked bacons, they are okay to use crumbled in a salad, but just not good starring in a sandwich.  Then I remembered seeing something in Bon Appétit about cooking bacon in the oven. Bingo!

Found this great article.  First line is, ” There’s a reason the “B” comes first…without bacon, you’d just have salad on toast.” OMG.  Then, “Ditch that skillet! To make crunchy, BLT-ready bacon, roast it in the oven instead. This restaurant trick allows you to cook more than a few strips at a time, results in more evenly cooked bacon, and is light on the mess. Here’s how to do it: Preheat the oven to 375°. Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil or parchment paper and set a rack in the pan to allow hot air to circulate for even cooking. (For more than 1/2 lb. of bacon, use 2 sheet pans.) Arrange strips on the rack and roast, rotating pan once halfway through cooking, until browned and crispy, 15 minutes.”

Holy Moly!  It works.  Awesome, perfect, evenly-cooked bacon with very little mess.

Now, just assemble the other ingredients for your perfect BLT.

Thick sliced Country White, sourdough or egg bread, toasted

Heirloom tomato, sliced thick


Grilled Avocado



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